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    About the Role

    All degree disciplines are welcome to apply for the General graduate stream where opportunities are likely to arise across a number of Government Departments and Offices in the Civil Service. As part of this role you can expect to play a crucial role in policy and strategy formulation across the spectrum of economic, financial, international, environmental and social issues.

    Successful applications will have the opportunity to effect real change in the Civil Service and help to shape a changing Ireland. Roles may also arise to support functions such as Facilities Management and Corporate Affairs.

    Salary:  Approx. €33,053

    Annual Leave:   25 Days

    Grade:   Administrative Officer

    Location:   Dublin

    Opening Date:   01/10/2021

    Closing Date:   07/10/2021

    The Graduate Experience

    • you tube video about Mary

      Mary Caffrey
      An Roinn Cumarsáide, Gníomhaithe ar son na hAeráide agus Comhshaoil

    • you tube video about Aaron

      Aaron O'Suillivan
      An Roinn Dlí agus Cirt agus Comhionannais

      Catherine Egan
      Administrative Officer
      The Strategic Transformation Office, An Garda Síochána

      Before I joined An Garda Síochána, I gained a degree and two Masters studying in Dublin, Manchester and Birmingham. My role is fascinating. I translate high level recommendations into tangible principles to ensure effective policing and compliance with human rights. I also produce reports for police oversight bodies, analyse legal frameworks and prepare briefing papers all whilst promoting best practice throughout the organisation. It’s non-stop but I love it.

      I make a difference in my job, which is really rewarding, but I also get to build my own skills. I’m now leading research programmes to build evidence of our methods; working across other government departments and statutory bodies, learning more about human rights and disability.

      I’m working deep inside the inner workings of Irish democracy. I couldn’t ask for a better place to learn about equality and human rights, and to actually deliver real change on the ground.

      Application and Recruitment Process

      Prior to application, please ensure to check that you are eligible to apply for our Graduate Opportunities Campaign. You can do this by reading the eligibility section in full within the Information Booklet .

      The application and recruitment process will follow the below listed steps. Depending on the number of applications received, the selection process may comprise of a number of other elements also.

      Step One

      Register on publicjobs.ie – please ensure to use your personal email address so we can contact you throughout all stages of the recruitment process.

      Step Two

      Click "Apply Now" for Graduate Opportunities in the Civil Service (General)

      Step Three

      Complete the application form (Web Form) before closing date 3pm on Thursday 7th October, 2021. Please ensure your candidate name, ID, and stream selection is correct before you submit.

      Step Four

      View your completed application in the ‘My Applications’ tab on your publicjobs.ie profile.

      Step Five

      Acknowledgment Receipt – You should receive an acknowledgement within 2 working days from when you submitted your application.

      Step Six

      Stage 1 - Invitation to Online Assessment and completion of Assessment (Late October).

      Step Seven

      Stage 2 - Invitation to Video Interview & completion of Video Interview (Mid November).

      Step Eight

      Stage 3 - Invitation to Assessment Centre (Zoom) and completion (Early December)

      Information Booklet

      For more in-depth information about the role, please read the Information Booklet prior to applying for this role.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      {slider title="1. What is the Civil Service grade for this stream? " open="false"}

      The General (All Discipline) Graduate Stream is within the Administrative Officer grade for the Civil Service.

      {slider 2. What does the role of an Administrative Officer entail? }

      Administrative Officers are employed across Government Departments/Offices, covering a wide range of functional responsibilities. While engaged in a variety of activities, typically Administrative Officers have a crucial role in policy and strategy formulation across the spectrum of economic, financial, international, environmental and social issues. An Administrative Officer could be placed in any Government department and may involve responsibilities such as researching and drafting proposals relating to policy issues and legislation.

      {slider 3. Where am I likely to be working if I am successful? }

      Administrative Officers are employed in Government Departments/Offices primarily in Dublin.

      {slider 4. What is the starting salary? }

      The starting salary for this position is approx. €33,053. There are certain circumstances that this may differ. Further information can be found in the information booklet.

      {slider 5. How do I apply? }

      First you need to set up a publicjobs account. You can do this on www.publicjobs.ie. Once you have signed up, there is a short application form that you are required to complete. This will be partially completed using the information you provided when setting up your publicjobs.ie profile.

      {slider 6. Accessibility and reasonable accommodations – what if I need assistance? }

      We are committed to ensuring that our recruitment and selection processes are accessible. For example, all of our forms are available in accessible formats and our online assessment and interview tools include features that support accessibility.

      If you experience any difficulties or if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact our Disability Champion, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

      We understand that candidates are diverse and that some candidates with disabilities may require adjustments or reasonable accommodations to enable them to undertake particular elements of the recruitment process. We encourage candidates to indicate at application stage if they think they require adjustments or reasonable accommodations at any stage of the process. You should check the information booklet for information about how to do this. Please note that you may be asked to submit a psychological/medical report by the closing date of 8th October 2020. This is to enable us to determine how best we can provide assistance. If you have previously applied for a competition with us and submitted a report, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to confirm that your report is still on file.

      {slider 7. I am not an Irish citizen – am I eligible? }

      Eligible Candidates must:

      • (a) A citizen of the European Economic Area. The EEA consists of the Member States of the European Union, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway; or
      • (b) A citizen of the United Kingdom; or; or
      • (c) A citizen of Switzerland pursuant to the agreement between the EU and Switzerland on the free movement of persons; or
      • (d) A non-EEA citizen who is a spouse or child of an EEA or Swiss citizen and has a stamp 4 visa; or
      • (e) A person awarded international protection under the International Protection Act 2015 or any family member entitled to remain in the State as a result of family reunification and has a stamp 4 visa or
      • (f) A non-EEA citizen who is a parent of a dependent child who is a citizen of, and resident in, an EEA member state or Switzerland and has a stamp 4 visa

      To qualify candidates must meet one of the citizenship criteria above by the date of any job offer.

      You should check the Information booklet for full eligibility criteria.

      {slider 8. What does the General (All Discipline) stream entail? }

      Opportunities for Administrative Officer (General) are likely to arise across a number of Departments and Offices in the Civil Service. As an AO, you would have a crucial role in policy and strategy formulation across the spectrum of economic, financial, international, environmental and social issues. Those appointed will have the opportunity to effect real change in the Civil Service and help shape a changing Ireland. Assignments may also be made to support functions e.g. Facilities Management and Corporate Affairs.

      We are seeking candidates from a wide variety of educational and professional experience backgrounds including

      • Data and analytics
      • Legal
      • Climate Change
      • Sustainability
      • Communications

      {slider 9. Am I eligible for these streams? }

      To be eligible for the streams you must have certain qualifications which are detailed in the information booklet.

      {slider 10. What are the stages of the recruitment process? }

      We use a number of different selection methods to find the most suitable candidates for the available roles. The selection process for the Third Secretary / Development Specialist Officer competition will comprise a number of elements. These may include some of the following:

      • Completion of an online Assessment Questionnaire;
      • Online and/or paper-based assessment test(s);
      • Short listing;
      • An online video interview;
      • Language tests (oral and/or written);
      • Competitive Interview(s);
      • Presentation/Analysis exercise;
      • Work sample test or any other tests or exercises that may be deemed appropriate, including language proficiency tests.

      {slider 11. How long does the process usually take? }

      We envisage the first panel to be in place from this competition in December with assignments from this panel to commence as soon as possible.

      {slider 12. How long will the competition be active for / when does the competition expire? }

      It is not envisaged that appointments will be made from this competition after September 2022.

      {slider 13. What happens if I am not available to attend a stage of the recruitment process? }

      Reschedule requests may only be considered under exceptional circumstances as deemed acceptable by us (e.g. Bereavement/Illness). Candidates who are afforded an opportunity to reschedule will be processed in the next candidate batch, should such batch be invited to the next stage of the selection process. Further information is available in the information booklet.

      {slider 14. How will the selection process be held in light of Covid-19? }

      All stages of the selection process will be held remotely, including the interview stage. With regard to the interview, this will be conducted via Zoom and the recruitment team will be in touch with you ahead of your interview, with all the details, including your login details to access the video call. If you have difficulty logging into the call, please email the recruitment team

      Access here our tips for Video interview

      {slider 15. What does ‘equal opportunities employer’ mean? }

      The Public Appointments Service is an equal opportunities employer. This means that we welcome applications from candidates with diverse backgrounds and we recognise the positive contribution that a workforce that reflects society brings to the public service. Importantly, we do not discriminate based on any of the nine grounds set out in the Employment Equality Acts 1998-2015. We value applications from candidates with different ages, abilities, gender identities, ethnicities, skin colour and sexual orientations. We recognise that candidates will have different religious and non-religious beliefs. We also recognise that candidates will have different socio-economic backgrounds and civil status and that their caring and family responsibilities may change.

      {slider 16. How will Covid-19 impact how I work, should I be successful at interview and take up a role as an Administrative Officer? }

      Due to Covid-19, work practices have largely changed from office to remote working to ensure the safety of all those working across the Civil Service. As an Employer of Choice and under the Programme for Government, the Civil Service is exploring opportunities for employees to work remotely, should you be successful.

      {slider 17. Can I withdraw my application? }

      You can withdraw your application at any stage during the process. Simply e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and tell us that you do not want to be considered for the position anymore.

      {slider 18. Are you on social media? }

      Absolutely! You can find us on


      Have a question we didn’t answer? You can send us a message on social media, or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..