Economic Policy Competition

The Department of Finance has launched its sixth annual Economic Policy Competition. This
initiative is an essay based competition that will give under graduate students in participating
third level institutions the chance to win a
12 week paid summer internship, working alongside economists in the Department of Finance.

The prize of a paid summer internship in the Department of Finance will commence in June 2019 and the deadline will be set by your third level institution.

The Competition

There will be a choice of two policy questions to submit from. Submissions will be in the form of a 150 word summary and a 2000 word submission.
This can be supported by a 1-2 page appendix with a quantitative bibliography/analysis.

How it works

  • The participating institutions in this internship will proceed to run the competition as they see fit; be this through specified modules or as an open competition.
  • Each institution will have its own deadline for this competition.
  • Your institution will select the top three submissions.
  • The deadline to submit the top three essays from each institution to the Department of Finance is Friday, 15 February 2019.
  • The Department will then pick the top essays, with students to be called forward for interview in March 2019.
  • The winning student will be informed of their success shortly thereafter.