BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition

The BT young Scientist & Technology Exhibition will be taking place on the 9th - 12th of January at the RDS in Dublin.

This year will be the 55th exhibition making it one of the oldest standing exhibitions of its kind in the world. Last year, 4,251 students from 383 schools took part in the Science Fair.

As well as the student projects that are on display, there are exhibitions filled with science and technology based exhibits and entertainment.

For school students who have an interest in pursuing a career in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, the Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition is a great insight into the type of work that exists in these sectors as well as the innovative projects that can help shape science and other subjects in the future.

Winners in the past have worked on projects relating to encrypted data storage, biomass, the internet and antimicrobial effects.

The Exhibition opens to the public on Thursday the 10th, Friday the 11th and Saturday the 12th of January from 9:30AM to 5:30PM.

For more information, take a look at the BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition.