Fortnight Festival

The European Mental Health Arts and Culture Festival January 2019 will take place in Ireland for the first time.

2019 will see this unique edition of the First Fortnight festival as Ireland plays host to Europe’s Mental Health festival. The First Fortnight festival will showcase the vibrancy and diversity of modern Ireland with an emphasis on the European community.

The event will be ongoing for the month of January and will include events relating to well being, stress and mental well being in the workplace.

The Public Appointments Service is an equal opportunities employer. The Civil Service, as a whole, is working hard to ensure it is ‘an Employer of Choice’ through ensuring that the work that Civil Servants do is varied and meaningful, and
that the supports are available to equip people with the appropriate skills to respond effectively to the work Civil Servants do on behalf of society.

To find out more about the European Mental Health festival, please visit the First Fortnight festival.