OECD Diversity and Inclusion Conference

The Public Appointments Service will be
attending and contributing to the Organisation
for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Conference on Leadership for a Diverse
and Inclusive Public Service. This event will take place in Ottawa, Canada, on Wednesday, the
20th and Thursday, the 21st of February.

The two day conference will cover sessions defining the challenge of Diversity and Inclusion and will touch on leadership competencies, strategy and governance, and the next steps around Diversity and Inclusion leadership and policy.

Interactive workshops, presentations, best
practice, idea sharing and open discussions will articulate the leadership challenges posed in different countries and provide an insight into
best practice when it comes to Diversity and Inclusion.

It is broadly accepted that greater diversity can promote innovation by bringing in a wider mix of perspectives, experiences and changes in work culture. The OECD Conference on Leadership for a Diverse and Inclusive Public Service will tap into some of the thinking around this and develop on ideas and insights to improve best practice in Diversity and Inclusion in the Public Service.

The event will allow participants to take away findings that will help develop and integrate these best practices within the Public Service.