Policy Analyst

The Irish Government Economic and Evaluation Service (IGEES) will be recruiting for Policy Analysts/Economists this October. The roles will
be open on 1 October until 24 October.

IGEES is an integrated cross-Government service that aims to enhance the role of economics and value for money analysis in public policy making.

IGEES has an important role to play in the reform and strengthening of the Civil Service and in supporting the Government in progressing major cross-cutting policy challenges such as economic growth, social exclusion, enhance service delivery and better policy design.

As a Policy Analyst/Economist, IGEES offers wide ranging employment opportunities across Government Departments in analytical roles
across all areas; for example, in transport, housing, education, social protection, climate action, as well as macroeconomic forecasting, expenditure and fiscal policy.

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This campaign will open on the 1st of October to the 24th of October.

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