BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition

With the 56th BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition taking place this Wednesday, the 8th
of January until Saturday, the 11th of January, we
are looking forward to seeing what the next generation of inventors, scientists, innovators
and entrepreneurs will come up with.

At, we have a number of exciting
roles with the Department of Justice and
Equality for those who are interested and who have started their career in the area of Science
and Technology.

The roles we currently have available include Laboratory Analyst, Chemical Analyst and DNA Analyst, which could see you playing a pivotal role in analysis for Ireland’s criminal
justice system. As well as this, we are
recruiting for a Forensic Scientist in which you
could be providing scientific advice and support to enhance the delivery of justice!

To everyone who is taking part at this week’s BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition, we wish you the best of luck and look forward to you considering one of the many roles we have in the science and technology sector in the future.