We are delighted to announce that we have won the 2021 Public Sector Award for Excellence in Recruitment Services from the Public Sector Magazine.

We are very proud to have been recognised for Excellence in Recruitment Services, in particular for being well positioned as an organisation to adapt quickly to remote working and video interviewing in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. This adaptation ensured an efficient supply of employees across the civil and public service at a crucial time for the sector.

“The pandemic has brought the role of public servants to the fore and highlighted the valuable and necessary work they do,” explains Shirley Comerford, CEO at the Public Appointments Service.


“Recruiting a diversity of people to the civil and public service with the skills, character and commitment to serve the interests of all the people of Ireland, is at the heart of what the organisation is striving towards,” she says.

In response to the award Shirley says that “digital socio-technical transformation is also an area of focus to ensure the delivery of an enhanced candidate and client experience across all areas of the recruitment process from marketing to potential candidates, to testing, selection and finally on-boarding new hires."

The full article is included in the Excellence in Business Awards Issue 2021 which can be viewed here