Justin is an ICT Specialist with the Office of the Revenue Commissioners. Justin tells us a little bit about his role and the opportunities that have been available to him since joining the civil service. He tells us about the great sense of community across the organisation and the range of activities in his division to support positive mental and physical wellbeing.    

Tell us a little bit about your role? 

I am an Incident Manager for the PAYE Modernisation Live Support team. This involves triaging tickets raised on our service desk tool and ensuring that any tickets that are flagged as a priority are given the appropriate attention. I also fix a variety of technical issues that can occur, making use of various tools and systems such as IntelliJ and Postman.

I have recently taken on a business analysis role and look forward to the learning opportunities this new position will provide.

What opportunities has this role provided for you?

Since I started this role, I have had a lot of opportunities for training and development. There has been support given in areas such as JavaSpring BootSQL and Angular. As well as this, there are often opportunities to work on new projects and receive on-the-job training as required. 

There is a big focus on career progression in the public sector, and I have received a lot of helpful advice and guidance from my colleagues on my own career development.

What were your reasons for applying for an ICT role in the public sector?

There is a great work-life balance within the public sector. The public sector is quite flexible with working hours and provides a unique opportunity to have all of this, while still being able to develop my skills in ICT/software development.

Would you recommend a career in the public sector?

I would absolutely recommend a career in the public sector. When I joined Revenue, everybody was so eager to help me and I felt at home straight away. People really support each other in the public sector – I have been in two different departments now and can honestly say that managers place a big emphasis on promotional opportunities and will help you in any way they can.

In my division, a lot of attention is also given to positive mental health. There are activities such as a book club, a gaming club, a craft workshop, and there are often general talks and presentations on mental health. This has been wonderful (especially during such an odd time) and contributes to a great sense of community and worker wellbeing.