Elizabeth started her career in the civil service as a Clerical Officer in the area of trade facilitation in Customs. Having benefited from a range of learning and development opportunities, she was promoted to Executive Officer (supervisor grade) in the Office of the Revenue Commissioners. Elizabeth enjoys working in the civil service as she finds the sector very family friendly, with many supports in place for employees around well-being.

Tell us a little about your career path from Clerical Officer to your current role?

I began working in the area of trade facilitation in Customs. There, I worked on the front counter dealing with the public in the area of imports and exports. A lot of my work centred on the cash office and processing penalties that were incurred by passengers travelling through. I got the opportunity to move to the administrative part of Enforcement. This is where I felt I was given the opportunity to allow my own skills to shine, and gain more skills in the hope of progression to a more senior role.

What opportunities did the Clerical Officer role provide you with?

Since working in Revenue, I have been given lots of opportunities for training through One Learning and attended many day courses, such as Negotiating Skills, Team-Working Skills, Report Writing and Building Resilience. This was to upskill myself in the civil service, with the goal to progress my career. Revenue also gave me the opportunity to complete the VAT and Other Indirect Taxes module through the Irish Tax Institute.

Can you tell us about a highlight from your career in the Civil Service?

Through the training that was on offer through Revenue, while also utilising previous employment experience and past education, I was promoted to Executive Officer (supervisor) within three years.

Why did you choose a career in the public sector?

Before working in the civil service, I worked in a job with high burnout rates and shift work. I choose to make a career in the civil service, as I found it had a better work/life balance. I find the sector very family friendly and many supports are in place for employees around well-being.

What advice would you give someone thinking of applying for a Clerical Officer role?

I would highly recommend a career in the civil service to anyone. I have found many benefits from joining, especially around training and career progression. It has also balanced out my work and life, giving me valuable time with my family.