Nigel is an Incident Creation Representative. He talks to us about his role, experiences and the opportunities that have been made available to him since joining the civil service. Nigel tells us about the benefits this role has offered him and why he would recommend a career in the GISC in the civil service.

Please tell us a little bit about your role.

The role of an Incident Creation Representative is an integral part of front line policing within An Garda Síochána. The role entails Garda members contacting G.I.S.C (Garda Information Service Centre) and providing trained Garda Staff with the information of their incidents that they have dealt with. The Incident Creation Representative then inputs that information on the PULSE system (An Garda Síochána’s database).

The Incident Creation Representative analyses the information provided by Garda members to determine with the Garda member the correct incident category and type. This is to ensure the quality of the incidents created on PULSE. Incident Creation Representatives create a comprehensive and accurate incident report by eliciting the relevant Information through effective listening and questioning skills.

The role also involves taking National Traffic Watch Calls and relaying that information to members of An Garda Síochána.

What were your reasons for applying for your role?

I have always had an interest in the work of An Garda Síochána and the important role that they play within our community. I wished to contribute to and support the role of Garda Members. I believe that analytics and attention to detail are vital components of my work ethic which I have carried throughout my working career. Due to the diverse nature of the role of An Garda Síochána I believe that these skills would be highly valued in this environment.

What do you value most about your job?

I value contributing to the important role of data quality within An Garda Síochána. This is fulfilled by ensuring correct categorisation of incidents and by supporting and advising Garda members of criteria for correct classification.

I also value how my role contributes to the recording of statistics for the C.S.O (Central Statistics Office). This in turn has an influence on the allocation of policing resources, support services in the community and also contributes to the decisions to implement relevant government policies.

What are some of the benefits and supports available to you?

I have found that the high quality training provided to Incident Creation Representatives is a significant benefit in preparing staff for the role. This training is continued throughout your career which facilitates continued professional development.

Peer support within the office environment is a great benefit when commencing the role and throughout your career.I have found all staff are willing to share their knowledge freely which facilitates the development of an Incident Creation Representatives confidence, skills and competencies.

The shift work roster is a benefit as it allows the flexibility of different days off each week. Support services are provided through the Employee Assistance Programme if required during your career.

What opportunities has this role provided for you?

The role has allowed me the opportunity to develop my I.T skills, decision making, and analytical skills. The role has also allowed me to impart my knowledge to new staff by providing assistance with training when they start taking their first calls from Garda Members.

I have also been afforded the opportunity to be involved in the testing and implementation of new software within the organisation. This in turn has led to the successful roll out of a new phone system and working from home environment for staff.

What has surprised you since starting this role?

The most surprising element of the role of an Incident Creation Representative is the variance of incidents that Garda Members deal with on a daily basis. This has afforded me the opportunity to get a greater understanding of the positive impacts that Garda members have on all tiers of society.

The lateral opportunities for cross employment within the civil service has also been a pleasant surprise within the role.

What aspect of the role do you particularly enjoy?

The diversity in the incidents we create which requires the use of my analytical skills to ensure the correct classification of incidents.

I also enjoy the responsibility of ensuring the high quality of information recorded. The team environment is an enjoyable element of role due to the comradery between colleagues. I enjoy the collaboration between departments within the Garda Information Service Centre which allows for ideas to be explored and solutions to be found to improve the quality of service provided to Garda Members.

Would you recommend a career in the public sector and why?

Yes I would recommend a career in the public sector due to its many benefits such as job security, good working conditions. The public sector has great training opportunities which encourages and supports furthering your education through career development.

A core organisational value of the public sector is the equality of opportunity which facilitates diversity within the workplace. The public sector offers a healthy work / life balance through job sharing, shorter working year and career break options.

Would you recommend a career in GISC in the civil service? Why?

I would recommend a career in G.I.S.C in the civil service due to the excellent thorough training provided. The friendly team environment amongst all colleagues which fosters a good working relationship across departments.

The shift work roster which facilitates flexibility for work / life balance. The work in G.I.S.C gives you an opportunity to make a difference by working with front line policing and to work on interesting and challenging issues.