Rabeea tells us about their job as an Administrative Officer in the Department of Finance including working on policy formulation and analysis and research and some of the factors that motivated them to apply for their role and what surprised them the most.

Please tell us a little bit about your role.

I am working as an Administrative Officer in the Department of Finance. My role is multifaceted as it involves responsibilities that include (but not limited to) working on policy formulation and analysis, research and providing administrative support while making sure all the work must be done at a high administrative standard.

What were your reasons for applying for your role?

I think the compelling factors that motivated me to apply for this role depends on several reasons. Firstly, I was keenly interested to work in Civil service and especially my interests were more to the policy and regulation side of Finance. Second, it was obvious from the job description for this role that it would offer me diverse experience and intellectual challenges which I was really keen to explore.

What do you value most about your job?

As an employee, I value the overall positive organisational culture in the workplace and team support. It has been six months since I joined this role, and the department’s dedication to serve and enhance the well- being of the public and maintaining a high standard of integrity and accountability and respect for diversity is indeed a significant source of pride for myself.

What are some of the benefits and supports available to you?

Professional Development: The department provides support for professional development and learning for all employees based on their specific work related needs for upskilling and training.

Flexible Work Arrangements: The department offers flexible work arrangements and it helps me maintain work-life balance.

Employees’ Wellbeing Initiatives: The department is committed to the well-being of the employees and hence offers a number of initiatives to support the employees’ well-being. This includes various wellness checks, working from home ergonomic checks and providing support and reasonable accommodation based on individual circumstances.

What opportunities has this role provided for you?

As a part of my role, I have access to incredible opportunities for continuing professional development (CPD). There are a huge number of funded opportunities to take upskilling courses through the One Learning platform and other resources. Having a background in academia, I have recognised the importance of staying informed of new and emerging technologies, industry trends and the evolving best practices and the added value that it brings to my role as a civil servant.

What has surprised you since starting this role?

I am amazed by the level of team and peer support that is available in the department. There is an overall culture of collaboration, mentorship, support and a commitment to create a diverse and inclusive environment where all employees of different backgrounds, ages, gender, race or ethnicity feel welcome.

What aspect of the role do you particularly enjoy?

I enjoy every aspect of being a civil servant. In particular I enjoy being part of the teams working dedicatedly on policies and legislation that will have a positive impact on peoples lives not just now but also in the years to come.

Would you recommend a career in the public sector and why?

Yes, I would definitely recommend anyone to pursue a career in civil service especially if they are interested in public service, policy development and implementation, and have greater aspiration to contribute to challenging and diverse business needs associated with the role.