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Welcome to the Client Information Hub where we aim to support you, our clients, with all of your recruitment needs. By sharing our learnings, through quick, practical learning modules and resources, we hope this information can help support recruitment in your organisation.

We aim to work with our client organisations to embed recruitment excellence and to help shape the future of a high performing and values-based Irish public service. We recognise that employers in the public sector are currently operating in a dynamic and challenging environment with an ambitious government reform agenda and widespread social change.

Shirley Comerford, CEO, Public Appointments Service

The key areas of collaboration we are focusing on are:

  • developing innovative and inclusive recruitment practices
  • workforce planning
  • understanding the future world of work
  • and how this relates to the public sector employment profile.

Tried and Tested Methods

Source: Annual Client Survey 2020


81% of clients rated their experience with Public Appointments Service as good to excellent.


81% of clients rated the overall quality of our General Service recruitment as good to excellent.


77% of clients rated the timeliness of our response to queries as good to excellent.


95% of clients rated the quality and relevance of our client learning resources as good to excellent.

Learning Resources

Interview Skills
Video Skills

Interview Skills
Learning Modules: 4
Duration: 35 mins

Video Skills
Learning Modules: 4
Duration: 44 mins

Civil Service Competency Models

Please find the Competency Models for the full range of levels within the Irish Civil Service. Each of the models capture the key qualities associated with effective performance at the different levels. Click on the link provided for more information: Competency Models

OWL Programme: Inclusive Employment Guide

The Oireachtas Work Learning (OWL) Programme is an applied learning, development and socialisation programme for adults with an intellectual disability. It is facilitated by the Houses of the Oireachtas Service in collaboration with KARE and WALK (the two sponsor organisations). The Programme aims to provide trainees with the skills, knowledge and ability to gain meaningful paid employment. Six OWL graduates are now employed on a part-time basis in the civil service with four staff in the Oireachtas Service and two staff members within the Public Appointments Service.

To support the Public Service towards inclusive employment, we have created a Guide to Promoting Inclusive Employment: Supporting People with an Intellectual Disability. Find out more about enhancing organisational inclusivity and how to get involved in the Programme by downloading the guide here.

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