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As the Public Appointments Service, we are the centralised provider of recruitment, assessment and selection services across the Civil and Public Service. We are committed to providing a premier recruitment facility to our clients, including Government Departments, Agencies and Local Authorities, in order to successfully employ suitable candidates. Additionally, we deliver an effective gateway to identify suitable individuals for consideration by Ministers for appointment to State Boards

We provide an open and transparent recruitment process to identify top-quality candidates for public sector roles, with a strong reputation for independent and merit-based selection. We are privileged to support the Irish Government and our clients to deliver high-quality public services through the recruitment of a diverse, highly talented and committed workforce that reflects the diversity of the society that it serves.

“We are committed to ensuring that our public service reflects the diversity of society that it serves”

The Public Appointments Service is delighted to present this Statement of Strategy, NUA26, which builds on our previous strategy, NUA23. To develop NUA26, we have reflected on and learned from the challenges and our achievements over the past three years. We have a strong vision, driven by our mission and values. The vision, mission and values of the Public Appointments Service, first developed in 2020, reflect our role as a professional public service recruitment provider and as custodians of a tradition of independent, impartial, merit-based public service recruitment.

We play a critical role in providing a centralised recruitment, assessment and selection service across the public service and NUA26 demonstrates our commitment to respond to the significant challenges we, the public service and Irish society face. We are committed to being accountable for our service delivery and will use effective measures to assess performance and client and candidate satisfaction and will report these publicly.

We will build the confidence of our client base in the quality and delivery of the services we offer. We will support public service clients to attract talent through a modernised and pro-active approach to recruitment and assessment service delivery. We will bring renewed energy to the marketing of public service roles highlighting the meaningful and dynamic work and the potential to positively impact the lives of the people of Ireland.

We are focused on ensuring that the public service reflects the society it serves and understand our role in proactively attracting a diversity of people and working with our clients to ensure they provide the roles and employee experience needed to retain talent.

We have identified three strategic pillars that will guide our priorities over the coming years.

Delivering recruitment excellence is the central pillar of this new strategy, in recognition of the need to improve our service delivery timescales and work with strategic partners to provide responsive and tailored recruitment solutions. This central pillar is supported by our plans to work with clients to remove barriers to delivering recruitment excellence and to leverage our insights and experience as the centralised recruiter across public service roles. The central pillar is also supported by our commitment to evolving and futureproofing how we operate and ensuring we have the necessary capabilities needed to deliver.

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