We recruit for senior management and specialist senior executive positions in the Civil Service and the wider Public Service; for example, in Local Government, Health, and the non-commercial State Sector. We provide a service to support the Top Level Appointments Committee (TLAC), from which appointments are made to senior management roles (For example, Assistant Secretaries and Secretaries General of Government Departments) in the Civil Service.

In addition, we have responsibility under the Guidelines for Appointments to State Boards, for advertising roles on the Boards of State Bodies and for the assessment of applications from potential candidates. For more information on State Board appointments and the process involved, please see our dedicated site at www.stateboards.ie

In conjunction with the HSE, we play a central role in the recruitment of medical consultants to the public health service.

In line with Government policy, there has been an increased focus on open recruitment to all positions in the Civil and Public Service, including those at the most senior levels.

Our Process

These generally involved extensive competitions with a three-stage assessment process (including shortlisting, preliminary and final interviews), to ensure that the successful candidates possess all of the required skills and experiences for the role.

Many of our competitions at the senior level will also include the use of one or more of the following to assist the selection board in making their decision:

• Online personality questionnaire
• An in-depth assessment involving questionnaires and a one-to-one interview
• A strategic exercise
• A presentation to the selection board.

TLAC related competitions

The Top Level Appointments Committee (TLAC) was established in 1984. The Committee’s function is to recommend candidates to Ministers and Government for the most senior positions in the Civil Service – at Assistant Secretary level and upwards. TLAC aims to strengthen the management structure of the Civil Service by conducting open, independent and merit based assessment processes.

More information about TLAC Members

To learn more about the competencies required for senior and professional roles in the Civil and Public Service, please take a look at our

TLAC Competency Model

For more information about TLAC Procedures / Guidelines, please read our documents below which outline the process. 

TLAC Reports

Ninth T.L.A.C. Report to the Minister 2020

TLAC Roles and Procedures

Fifth TLAC Report to the Minister 2016

Fourth TLAC Report to the Minister 2015

Third TLAC Report to the Minister 2014

Second TLAC Report to the Minister 2013

First TLAC Report to the Minister 2012 

Preparing your application / CV

Your CV should be no longer than 3-4 pages and should be accompanied with a cover letter. Your experience and relevant achievements, in your career to date, should be placed in reverse chronological order listing your most recent experiences and achievements at the top. For more information, please take a look at our:

Senior Executive Guidance Notes. 



Senior management and professional assessments are a common part of the recruitment process for senior and professional level recruitment. These can include presentations, an exercise that is relevant to the role, and questionnaires that will allow you to demonstrate why you would be an ideal fit for the job. The assessment are a measurement of how candidates will react in situations that might occur in the role they have applied for. This can test your decision and problem making skills in a timed environment.  

Useful Resources

Check back here later. We will be adding useful resources that will help you to prepare for assessments, questionnaires and applying for professional and senior management roles. Useful content for senior professionals on issues such as gender, diversity, management and training will be coming soon. 


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