Test Advice

 Black and white image of a person using a laptop to complete a test with coloured boxes overlaid.

We use testing and assessment stages in our recruitment process for many roles advertised on Publicjobs.ie, in order to assess the large volume of applications and provide an equal opportunity to each applicant.

The majority of our tests and assessments are delivered online and can be completed remotely using a variety of digital technologies. The assessments may be unsupervised or supervised using ‘remote proctoring’ technology. We may also conduct in-person assessment sessions, where necessary. Your score at the testing and assessment stages will determine your Order of Merit, or ranking, as compared to all other applicants, which will affect the pace at which you may progress to later stages of the recruitment process. You will find full details of the types of tests and assessments that may be used on Our Recruitment Process page.

Before the Test

We encourage all applicants to be fully prepared for the testing stage of the recruitment process to ensure you can perform to the best of your ability on the test day. Below are some useful tips to help you prepare:

  • Read in detail the Competition Information Booklet for the role.  
  • Read any familiarisation material you have been sent to help you familiarise yourself with the layout and style of an upcoming assessment.
  • Check your broadband connection in advance and decide on a quiet environment, free from distractions where you can do the tests.
  • Have all documents requested to hand (e.g. valid ID) as you may in some cases be asked to present your identification to the webcam at the start of the assessment.
  • Check that you have all required materials prior to the test (eg. pen, paper, calculator etc.). You will be told in the familiarisation material what you need to complete the tests.


During the Test

  • Turn off your mobile phone before starting the test or leave it in another room.
  • Ensure there is no one else in the room with you and that any notes are left outside the room.
  • In the event of any technical difficulties, follow the guidelines provided and get in touch with the support email/contact provided
  • Read the instructions carefully, paying attention to the number of questions in each test and how much time you will have to do them.
  • Keep an eye on your time and ensure you are not disturbed during the session.


Reasonable Accommodations and Additional Support

Please note that if you require reasonable accommodations and/or additional support when taking these tests this should be made known at the earliest opportunity to help us ensure that this request can be facilitated. Your request may require an accompanying doctor/psychological report. An occupational psychologist will then assess the report and provide you with the necessary assistance you need. Please consult the relevant section in the Competition Information Booklet and our Accessibility page for more information. 


You can also find our Self-Assessment System below which provides you with the opportunity to take the clerical/entry level and junior management/graduate level tests under timed conditions.

The system allows you to take the tests in any order, get feedback on your performance and review the correct answers. In addition to this, there is familiarisation material provided for each campaign that we conduct with further sample questions in the information booklets and in our campaign update section.

Take our self-assessment tests to prepare yourself for the online tests: