At, we are proud to have joined Transparency International’s Integrity at Work programme. The initiative helps foster workplaces where people are supported to raise concerns about wrongdoing and act with integrity. Integrity at Work is facilitated by the Irish chapter of Transparency International (TI) – the world’s leading independent anti-corruption organisation.

As part of our commitment to protecting workers who raise concerns, our interim CEO, Margaret Mc Cabe, and Chairperson, Tom Moran, recently signed the Integrity at Work Pledge to ensure any employee reporting wrongdoing will not face penalisation and that action will be taken in response to the concerns raised.

The pledge provides reassurance that an organisation is committed to creating a workplace where people can speak up safely and where wrongdoing is fully addressed. Members of the programme commit to developing supportive and effective systems to deal with reports, and to signposting workers to TI Ireland’s Speak Up Helpline and the Transparency Legal Advice Centre (TLAC). Having access to specialist, impartial advice means that workers are better able to make informed decisions and report concerns in a timely manner through the correct channels.

Commenting on joining the initiative, Interim Chief Executive Officer at, Margaret McCabe said:

“By signing the Integrity at Work pledge, we are committing to creating a workplace where staff are supported to raise any concerns they may have about wrongdoing and are always encouraged to act with integrity”.

To find out more about Integrity at Work, visit the programme website