As Irelands largest employer, the public sector employs over 350,000 people through the various government departments, civil service, and public service. As a result, the opportunities for young people in the public sector are almost boundless.

Whether you’re a student, a teacher, a guidance counsellor, a parent or guardian, you can explore all the careers we offer. We’ll show you what’s required to get on the career ladder, the benefits of working in the public sector, the salary scales, and how to apply for a job. You can also hear what some of our team have to say about working here.

The Public Jobs Schools Resource Kit is an educational resource kit designed for classrooms and self-directed learning which includes a wealth of teachable moments for TY, LCA and LCVP classes. The objective of the kit is to help demystify the public sector in a fun, convenient and engaging way.

The kit consists of 5 lessons plans about the public secotr along with over 9 real life career paths and testimonials from current public servants. What’s more, all resources are available in both Irish and English.

We’ve done all the hard work for you. We’ve put together detailed, but engaging, information for students and teachers.

Topics and learning outcomes include:

  • What the public sector actually is
  • The role of the Government of Ireland
  • What students can do when they leave school or college
  • The huge range of jobs and career paths available
  • Why people love working here

Guidance Counsellors and Teachers can check out the Teachers Resources section which has 5 dedicated lesson plans all about the public sector and the career options available, as well as 9 career paths and video testimonials.

Students can check out the Student Info Hub where there’s hints on how to find out more information outside of lessons. The Career Path documents have lots of information on the type of careers, what they involve, the salary and videos from real life employees.