Executive Officer 2014 Age and Gender Statistics

Garda Recruitment Applications by Gender 2015-2017

General Service Grade Assignments to Irish Language Posts 2016-2018

Professional and Technical Assignments to Irish Language Posts 2016-2018

IHREC Process to identify and recommend persons for appointment

Hospital Consultant Posts 2015

Hospital Consultant Posts 2016

Hospital Consultant Recruitment Statistics 2016

Hospital Consultant Posts 2017

Statistics relating to 2015 Senior Management Opportunities in Local Government competition

Statistics relating to 2017 Senior Management Opportunities in Local Government competitio


FOI Disclosure Log and other information to be published routinely

1. FOI Disclosure Log

The FOI Disclosure Log (non personal requests) is updated at the end of each quarter. You can access the disclosure log on this disclosure log link

2. Reports

Annual Reports are available at: http://www.publicjobs.ie/publicjobs/about/publications.htm

3. Commercial Publications

This section does not apply to PAS.

4. Regularly Sought Information

PAS Board

The minutes of PAS Board meetings are available at: Minutes of PAS Board Meetings

Guidelines under which recruitment units carry out their functions and activities are listed below and are available on request outside of FOI.

  • guidelines for preparing to advertise a competition / conduct a selection process
  • guidelines for advertising / publicity arrangements
  • guidelines for processing application forms
  • guidelines for appointing selection board members
  • guidelines for arranging selection boards
  • guidelines for briefing and training members of selection boards
  • guidelines for conducting the shortlisting process
  • guidelines for conducting interview boards
  • guidelines for issuing results
  • guidelines for making pre-employment enquiries on such matters as health and character
  • guidelines for dealing with appeals/requests for review
  • guidelines for the testing stage of a recruitment campaign
  • guidelines with regard to panels

Other information which is available on request includes:

  • Information Booklets for campaigns (current or previous)
  • Feedback on your own application or performance at particular stages of the selection process (including the notes of your interview)
  • Test familiarisation material (current or previous)

The following information is contained in the Annual Report but can also be requested in advance of its publication:

  • Results of all customer surveys and action plans put in place to deal with any issues identified
  • Reports on achievement of PAS service standards.

Should you require access to any of the above material please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The following information is published on publicjobs.ie

The following information is published on stateboards.ie