Today marks the official launch of our corporate strategy for 2023 to 2026, NUA26. The strategy was launched by our Board Chairperson Tom Moran alongside our CEO Margaret McCabe.

NUA26 represents the culmination of a comprehensive environmental analysis exercise, engagement and input from our clients, candidates, and staff, and close collaboration with the Board of PAS.

At the heart of NUA26 is our commitment to recruitment excellence and delivering for our clients and candidates. We listened to the feedback from our clients and candidates, and we have prioritised their input into our strategic priorities for the next three years.

We are confident that our strategy will hold us accountable and inspire us to navigate the challenges of our evolving world by continuously improving and adapting to meet the advancing needs of our clients and candidates.

There are three core areas that we will focus on to deliver the NUA26 strategy:

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Delivering Recruitment Excellence:

People are central to our business, and our priority is to provide our clients with an efficient and prompt service, recruiting high calibre candidates to support a diverse public service. In a competitive environment, we recognise the need to strengthen and evolve our recruitment model to respond to the changing needs of our clients and candidates.

Developing our People, Organisation and Culture:

We value a workplace culture that embodies our values of excellence, innovation, trust, leadership, customer focus and inclusion. Building our capacity to be customer-centric, results-driven, and open to change will equip us to meet the challenges of today and the future.

Driving Excellence:

Working closely with our stakeholders, we aim to collaboratively drive innovation and achieve our shared goals for the future. Together, we are committed to eliminating barriers, especially for underrepresented groups, and adopting an agile approach to attract and retain diverse and talented candidates.

    We understand the importance of foresight and leveraging our networks to stay informed about the labour market, recruitment trends, and evolving skill requirements. This ensures that our inclusive recruitment and assessment processes meet the needs of the future workforce.

    As we embark on this exciting journey, we invite all our colleagues, clients, candidates, partners, and stakeholders to join us in realising the vision of NUA26. Together, we will shape our future and make it brighter and more promising than ever.

    Download our NUA Strategy 2026

    link to NUA 2026 strategy